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Thread: Nite Ize 2 AA MagLite 1 watt LED upgrade with IQ switch

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    Default Nite Ize 2 AA MagLite 1 watt LED upgrade with IQ switch

    Got a 2 AA MagLite and a Nite Ize 1 watt LED upgrade with the IQ switch:


    I am very happy with the optics. No dark spots. The center bright spot is even and circular. The spill area around the center spot is evenly lit and slowly darken towards the edge.

    Comes with 5 light settings, high, medium, low, slow strobe, fast strobe.

    Has a peculiar feature in that the IQ switch (rear cap) comes with a small red LED that blinks every 4 seconds. It is supposed to tell you were it is in the dark so you can find it.

    Brighter than a standard Mag incandescent. But not very bright, so just good enough for general in-house, weekend camping and "fixing your car" use.

    The only issue I have is that if you screw/unscrew the rear cap or the head, during battery replacement or focusing adjustments, the light may not light up anymore. You'd have to fiddle around with the rear cap and/or the head to get a good electrical path before the light will start up, after which, it will work all the time until the next time you fiddle with the rear cap/head.

    Generally worth my money.

    $19.99+ from Target. Plus $8.99+ for the 2AA regular MagLite, from Target as well.
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    Default Re: Nite Ize 2 AA MagLite 1 watt LED upgrade with IQ switch

    Hi was your Nite Ize LED upgrade the series 1 or 2?

    I am asking this as, with my series two that I've installed, the lens barrel doesn't screw down near as far as the other Mini Mag with the incandescent bulb. Understandably the LED chip is far larger / thicker and restricts the screwing down movement to about 2/3'ds of one full screw total. Do / did you notice any side to side slop with the lens barrel head on the Mini Mag? I've got heaps since installation and the rubber gasket is just under the lens barrel...

    Or any other issues with the Nite Ize upgrade installed???

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    Default Re: Nite Ize 2 AA MagLite 1 watt LED upgrade with IQ switch

    I've purchased three of these over the last year and a half. The first one fit horribly and de-domed itself somehow. The second and third have been perfect with a nice artifact-free beam. I installed the rear clicky on one light and kept the other with the original twist on/focus/off config. The upgrade works just fine either way.

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