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Thread: Any info on this flashlight? Kaidomain

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    Default Any info on this flashlight? Kaidomain

    So it does have the tough HAIII finish. Not sure if the reflector is smooth or what "dusty" means. And would this run on 2 x 123 batteries like this one, which looks identical:

    Thanks guys.

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    Default Re: Any info on this flashlight? Kaidomain

    I bought this light before Kai mentioned the "dusty" reflector issue. My reflector has a small mark on one side that looks like a fingerprint. I tried to clean it off but it wouldn't go. Honestly, nothing shows in the beam so I don't mind. I don't know if all the lights of this model sold by Kai have such a small mark on the reflector though.

    The reflector is smooth and the HAIII finish is of very good quality IMHO. It says "18650 battery only" on the body so I would for sure not even try to put two (R)CR123A in there.

    One thing you should know is that you cannot tap the switch to go to LOW mode. You actually have to click it. This means that if you turn the light on (HIGH mode) and then want to turn it off, you have to click twice because you have to go through the LOW mode.

    FYI, the LED is on a star so it will be easy to upgrade to a Q5

    All in all this is a very nice light and I don't regret buying it.

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