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Thread: LED Headlight Retrofit

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    Default LED Headlight Retrofit

    Hello people!
    I'm in the process of converting most of the lights in my car to LED.
    My government passed a law, that requires to drive with low beams on, whole year round, and they don't allow DRL (Daylight Running Light).
    This, and the increasing prices on fuel made me want to go LED in the front too.
    I've read some of your threads about automotive lighting, and am very excited about the progress some of you achieved!

    My plans:

    Maximum: Replace the low beams with LEDs
    Minimum: Integrate some sort of LED DRL into the headlight housing

    Here are some pics of a broken headlight I have, it should work excellently for my project development:

    ____________Low beam on the left,_________________________high beam on the right

    lenses that go on top of the reflectors:

    What do you think is the optimal route to go:

    1. Wait for Osram 1000lm star and try to stick that in place of the low beam bulb
    2. Try to stick 5 Luxeon Rebel LEDs @ 1.5A in place of the low beam bulb

    And worry about beam alignment, scattering, cooling, etc. in case of 1 and 2 or

    3. Drill the low beam reflector (much like the hole in the high beam reflector) and stick a Luxeon LED into it + maybe some scattering lens
    4. Your suggestion

    Many thanks for any comments on this!
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    Default Re: LED Headlight Retrofit

    I have no experience with suberbright LEDs of today, so maybe you can answer my question:

    If I drill a hole in the top side of the reflector like shone in the picture, and use a bright white led @ ~100-200lm + wide angel lens,
    will this be enough to look like low beams are turned on during the day when looking from another drivers (or policeman's) perspective?

    And what type of led would be optimal for such a task?

    Also, what type of cooling would be required for the LED?
    LED is my middle name…

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    Default Re: LED Headlight Retrofit

    Don't put led too close to incan bulb, and above it will definetely fry the led/lens.
    I intend to do the same thing with you on my bike just haven't got the time to do it. Still trying to deal with heat management
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    Default Re: LED Headlight Retrofit

    An idea would be to grab a bunch of rebels and run them at spec all surface mounted.

    You don't want a punchy beam so look for those lens that look like "fly eyes" to help dispurse the light.

    I've tried it out before and it gets a really good dispursed beam.

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    Default Re: LED Headlight Retrofit

    Heat is the enemy for leds.
    They will all need some kind of aluminum, or copper plate heatsinking of some kind.
    Stars should be the easiest way to get there from here imho.

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