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Thread: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

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    Default Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    i have an old lethearman micra, and would like to clean it to bring it to its luster. what do you recommend to clean multi-tools? dirt and dine dust in its joints.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    Dunk it in some soapy warm water for a few hours, then use toothpicks to pick out the grime - repeat as necessary, then rinse, dry, and lube the joints.

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    Kroil, WD-40, and/or rubbing alcohol usually work on the gunk that's not water soluable. If it's still not shiny enough to suit, there's always Flitz or Simichrome.

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    I used ProGold Lubricant's PG-2000 to clean my Micra a couple months ago.

    It's different than the ProGold cleaner used on electrical contacts... it's a chain cleaner that's much better for metal-to-metal cleaning and lubricating than WD-40. I use it for my bike chain (Migs - you should try this stuff - it's regarded as one of the better chain lubes out there). It comes in "ProLink" chain lube squeeze bottles, or the PG2000 spray can - same stuff (I checked with ProGold - the ProLink is barely thicker, to the point of not being able to tell), just two different ways of applying it.

    It went on the joints of my Micra, which I thought was so mucked up and stiff that it wouldn't be salvageable, and it brought it right back to life!


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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    1 - put it in the dishwasher

    2 - dry completely (I use a fan)

    3 - lightly lube the pivots

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    What I would do? I'd use WD-40 to clean out all the junk. I'd use a toothpick, old toothbrush, or whatever if it needs more. Then I'd let it dry, and after that I'd put a little oil on it, especially the pivots. I don't think there's really a wrong way to do it though. Within reason, of course

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    After cleaning it out, you may wish to use TUF Cloth by Sentry Solutions.


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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    You guys are awesome!!

    Thanks alot!!

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    NEVER use WD40 !!, its crap, wash it with a chaincleaner and a drop machine oil, thats it.
    WD-40 is a deep penetrating oil, and go's everywhere, even on places you don't wanted and after a while it wil rust like hell.

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    Default Re: Leatherman Micra, cleaning

    Leatherman tools will rust. Make sure you dry it well and I would use Sentry Solutions' Tuf-Cloth and/or Tuf-Glide (a dry lube & protectant). A wax based lube like KryTech or White Lightning might keep some dirt from working back into the pivots.

    Toothpicks and cotton swaps (you can pull off a bit of the cotton if it won't quite fit) will clean out the stubborn grit and grime from the small spaces. It will take a bit of time. Leatherman tools in my experience will tarnish and wear a bit so you probably won't be able to get it back to brand new condition, but it should clean up well.

    Hope this helps.
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