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    Like many others, I am looking for a flashlight.

    This is going to be a light that I am going to use at work. It needs to be very durable and able to withstand some degrees of impact along with the elements. It needs to be able to fit in the side pocket of carpenter's jeans. Prefer LED. The brighter the better. And less than $100.


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    It's hard to beat the Inova X or T line for affordable durability. Surefire for a somewhat higher budget.

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    +1 on the INOVA t series lights.I have a T1 and it offers a bright uniform beam with a hotspot.While the Luxeon K2 lacks efficiency it has a better beam pattern than my Fenix P2D.The INOVAs should also be able to take some abuse.Don't have any but Surefire has both the G2 and 6P in led for under $100 these should be rugged and probably brighter than the INOVAs albeit more expensive.BTW the INOVA T1 is available for about $40+sh. at Batteryjunction.The G2L and 6PL are $65 and $85+sh. respectively.

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