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Thread: 12V computer chargers as boost source

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    Default 12V computer chargers as boost source

    Has anyone considered/implemented 12V chargers for notebooks & such as a boosted DC source? I see some up to 20V @2.9A which could be used with buck drivers. This would get away from the problem with boost drivers.

    Could conceivably be used to build a multi emitter monster!

    Efficiency & bulk issues apart.........what am I missing?

    eng hoe

    Edit: It works

    The guts of a 3A5 rated converter from Jaycar [Australia] adjustable 15/16/18/19/20/22/24V
    Tested with 4 x Cree emitters [series] with 500mA Powerpuck, converter set @ 15V. Total draw was 640mA.
    It was still regulating down to 10V5 supply. The negatives of input & output are tied [shared]...makes connection easier.
    Further, there is a feedback link if long leads are used.

    This is usable for incans as well!......there is a 6A converter for a few $ more.
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