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Thread: Dual Belt Holsters

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    Default Dual Belt Holsters

    I'm working on an idea for a single piece holster with two/dual pockets, one for a light (AAA or CR123A) and one for my CyberTool 34. I'm just starting out so I don't have much to offer, but here's a few fun leads:

    Fenix L0P + AAA cell

    Tactical Holders

    What have you seen?


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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    You could check out Kazu, he makes fine holsters to your spec.
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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    hmm I may have a simpler suggestion for you.

    At work I carry a Rexlight and a small folder (roughly the same size). What I did was to get a large folder holster I had and divide it in two compartments with a strip of male vercro 2+ inches wide.

    The rough velcro circles the Rexlight and sticks on the holster nylon good enough to stay in place even one item is removed.

    just an idea...kostas

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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    Google ripoffs holsters. there are dozens of them to choose from. many are dual.

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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    Maglite offers a dual leather holster which will carry a Mini Maglite and a multitool. I've seen them in a tool store and on the web, but they aren't widely available.

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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    Dual holsters are handy. I like them both ways -- side by each or stacked. Stacked vertically is nice if the sheath is for something very short. I often make a small drop pouch beneath it for something even smaller, like a metal pill bottle or a spare cr123 cell.
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    Default Re: Dual Belt Holsters

    Those Kydex ones are HOT! Wish someone would make some like that. One in a SF-M6 size to fit a 2.25" dutybelt would be killer as no good holsters exist for it in my opinion.
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