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Thread: zeitgeist the movie

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    Default zeitgeist the movie

    I saw this movie a while back, It left me in a very pensive mood and somewhat helpless.

    It's definitely worth checking out.


    (adult language)
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    Default Re: zeitgeist the movie

    While I'll admit I've not watched the whole movie "yet", so far my viewing opinion is that there could be content that some (you know the mix of folks we have around these halls and we try to respect eveyone's opinions/feelings etc.!) would possibly perceive as controversial. Controversy breeds flaming...

    You know what they say about opinions - and we certainly don't lack a variety of them around here! Sometimes controversy can be a good thing though.

    For now I'll lock this thread and suggest that the link be posted in the CPF Underground. I'm not the "judge/jury" - just doing my job, we'll get a "pulse" from the rest of the staff as well as the Boss...

    Edit: The "verdict" is in - this would be better suited in the Underground so as not to limit comments...Interesting points to ponder!
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