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Thread: DX Cree 1-Mode Enhanced 1AA to Rebel?

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    Default DX Cree 1-Mode Enhanced 1AA to Rebel?

    Well I got this light, sku 1892, from the DX early in the summer and have been using it for various uses, including night biking, since. It has been a great light; durable, bright and extremely handy. But now with these rebel LEDs coming around, and hearing good things (relatively speaking) about the DX rebels, I'm tempted to pick up a new light.

    But before I do that, I'm curious if anybody has modded this light before, or if you more knowledgabl folks could tell me if it would be feasible to replace the LEd with the Rebel LED Emitter on Star (0080 BIN) sku 8405 could be swapped in with a reasonable amount of effort. I really like the beam my textured alum. reflector puts out and would imagine (from reviews and logic) that the smooth plastic reflector in the rebel lights on the DX would be inferior.

    Also, would I be correct in thinking that the sku6162 and sku2315 should both be about as bright, just with one being a multi-mode?

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    Default Re: DX Cree 1-Mode Enhanced 1AA to Rebel?

    The Rebel 80 wouldn't give much of a difference since it is about the same performance as the Cree-P4. Out of the two rebel lights, the sku6162 should be the brighter one, Rebel 100 vs Rebel 70(?). The numbers behind the Rebel meand average lumens at 350 mA. so the Rebel 100 should produce about 100 lumen at 350 mA.

    Modifying the 1-mode enhanced with a Cree Q5 will give you more light, I'm guessing about 30% more. From what I have saw, the Q5 should have more output then the Rebel 100. But the Q5 is only $4 cheaper then buying a replacement light.

    How about a Fenix-Rebel 100?

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