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Thread: How do you carry your PD?

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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Quote Originally Posted by this_is_nascar View Post
    Not to speak for the poster, but I'm expecting his uneasiness is due to the fact that's she's a relative as opposed to just some "nice looking female swimming in a bikini" and the way Don "showcased" her is what the poster is uneasy about.
    Oh, then that's easier to fix.
    There was another manufacturer who recently posted pictures of a beautiful flashlight and female. If these manufacturers would just coordinate to swap pictures first, then everyone can comfortably limit themselves to posting only pictures of "strangers".

    As for the original topic, I have "art of the hide" holesters for my mule and one pd, and occationally alternate which one lives on my belt. I have also have a pd in an old fenix nylon and elastic holster which probably isn't secure enough for belt carry, but clips nicely inside my laptop case. The rest aren't really "carried" so much being in a conspicuous place on a shelf in case you need to grab it for an "emergency" (such as it becoming dark outside, for example ).
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    I'm with Iconoclast. Well done.

    I carry my pd in my front right pocket via the designed clip. Always there and always available.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    With the clip always being tauted as one of the best, I'm surprise so many folks are not using them to EDC their lights.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Quote Originally Posted by this_is_nascar View Post
    With the clip always being tauted as one of the best, I'm surprise so many folks are not using them to EDC their lights.
    Well, the clip slides inside the holester by design, as the leather is too thick for anything other this or a cut-out. The clip is too tight to directly be a belt clip, it really is a "pocket clip". And sure enough, those times that I do have a pd in my pocket, the clip is on the outside (that is, it's clipped to the pocket material). It just doesn't happen to be how I typically edc the things.
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    Ooo Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Quote Originally Posted by mcmc View Post
    I am sure you are right that he most likely received her permission, he doesn't at all seem like the type who would do anything but otherwise.

    However, I think that this is one case where consent does not necessarily render the decision correct.

    I don't mean to trod on any toes - and Don I don't mean to necessarily offend you, but in this one instance I feel like something was lost of the family nature of CPF, and also just the thought experiment of "what if that was my daughter" caught in my conscience.

    My "niece" was aware of my intent to take photos underwater of her and she met me at the beach with her friends and mom so that we could take some pictures. My decision to share some of them here seems to have been a bad one for some and I will keep that in mind in any future images I elect to share here. I take no offense from you and am sorry that the images offended you and your sense of what is proper and of a family nature.

    "of a family nature" is an interesting concept. Some attractive girl or guy for that matter is a member of a family whether we know this family or not. How we elect to view someone should be with respect for that person regardless of any personal relationship we may have with them or their immediate family, IMHO. Over here in Hawaii, for the younger folks, most adults known to them are addressed as aunty or uncle. There is a sense and feeling of extended family or Ohana.

    This post is OT and I don't want to get carried away with this tangent but suffice it to say that I personally think that we, all of us, have so much hypocrisy and double standards and denial and confusion and all kinds of good psychological baggage when it come to anyting that might relate directly or indirectly to sex that a healthy approach is likely one where one attempts do drop as much of the baggage as posible as well as attempts an honesty and awareness to that which can't be shed, if that makes any sense.

    If this wonderful young woman were my sister or daughter or a stranger, I still would have taken the pictures, with her consent and on many honest levels, I could and would enjoy the images for the form and beauty they convey.

    I understand that there are cultures and moral standards that put significance on the personal family relationship between individuals and have different standards based on family ties.

    "Hey Dude, she's my sister, otherwise...."

    Well I say hey dude, she is somebody's sister and daughter, whether you know them or not. And more important, she deserves respect on her own right, regardless.

    Had I shown how I carry the lights over here with a self portrait, I know I would have offended more of you but for a different reason. Ironically there would have been some comment about showing the method of carry using someone more easy on the eye.

    What I probably should have done was just stayed out of this thread. I had been passing on reading it and for that, I am sorry and sorry that some concerns went unaddressed for so long.

    I would remove the images from my posts but I see that this would not remove them from quotes.

    For the record, I refuse to find anything wrong with the images I posted here but I respect the fact that I should not have posted them as they do offend some of you. Leson learned.

    Also, the young woman in the images is of no blood relationship to me but I would be honored, if she were.

    EDIT: This post has been sitting on my lap top for a number of hours while I wated for the power as well is internet connection to come up. We are having some weather here at the moment.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    I don't know if I locked and stickied this thread with my last post but assume that is what happened. Hopefully I have reversed that now and I will let you guys carry on. As to using the clip on a belt, if it is too tight, you can relax the tension by pulling the clip away from the light beyond its return ability. That is set it with less pre-tension. Putting more pretension back in though requires taking the clip off the light and either using some tools or mounting the clip backwards with it extended past the light and using the light itself to aid in reforming the clips tension.

    I am confused by the comments about the inappropriateness of my previous posts and it seems it is not the image but my comments which caused the concern. My bad there, obviously.

    I better end this before I loose internet connection again.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Good grief...
    Good people need to be there for each other. It's the only way to stay sane in a sometimes insane world.

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    Sigh Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Second that...
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    Unhappy Re: How do you carry your PD?

    I've held my tongue about this for days, wanting to stay out of trouble. I will say this is a sad commentary . Although we are all entitled to our opinions, IMHO there is hypocrisy somewhere lurking . To stop myself from a , I will cease and desist.
    Don I have to say, it was not your bad IMHO! Don I hope you continue to post your informative and beautiful photographs on all subject matter.
    All my best,
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    It's all about respect.

    I want to say something more but will show you how I carry my PD-S instead. Sinnet by greenLED. Beads are GITD. Generally clipped to pocket with sinnet hanging out or if loose in pocket sinnet hanging out. If the skull might scare someone I put it in the pocket too.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Good people need to be there for each other. It's the only way to stay sane in a sometimes insane world.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    It is always a sad day when the opinion of one, justified or not, dictates the path of the majority that wants otherwise.
    In this case IMHO, the majority should have its way. There is nothing wrong with difffering opinions, but I do not see anything that would violate the core values of either our "western culture" or this board.
    Those who do differ need to accept other's opinions, too, and act accordingly, meaning restraining themselves and apply some tolerance.
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    I either carry my PD in a holster (art of the hide (the BEST)) or on a lanyard around mck.
    Some time ago I hit Don up for some of that chain (TI) unfortunatly the nice hefty Ti chain is was all gone too bad. Ther Chain he sent was too small.

    Id love to find some Ti chain like that which Don uses. That is a chain which will last forrever under just about any conditions especially SALT WATER!!
    Nice shots of your neice. She is a beautiful young lady. Myst be nice having her as a photographic subject.
    Happy Holidays.
    Oh and Don receive my E-Mail sent just the other day. Should I assume that a no responce is the same as a NO?
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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    Hi guys! I'm new here but word of McGizmo products hit me on another forum and intrigue brought me here. I've lurked in the market place before coming here. Anyway, I just recently ordered a mule and hope to have the opportunity to see other McGizmo products (wallet cringing). I will say this though. You guys have some creative carry options and skills in making them. Also, as far as the photos I thought they were fine and Don handled everything like a true gentlemen by addressing complaints that stated otherwise. We see what we want to see and no amount or quality of light will change that. I hope I'm not out of line.

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    Default Re: How do you carry your PD?

    am i the first to say this? i actually happen to love using the clip on my belt without a landyard or holster. just as is. i can go anywhere and do anything with it without having to worry about losing it. i bent the lip where the landyard hole is just a bit higher so i'm able to slide it on my belt easier. as for getting it scratched?? it's Ti and plus it's a EDC so a little scratch or 2 is no biggie~ plus there are only a few really minor marks on it that can be easily buffed out in a matter of mins. the only scratch i'm worried about is when i lean against or walk by certain things and worry that i might scratch it like when i walk by my sisters piano ~_~ piggy backing my gf can be a problem sometimes cause it can dig into her leg. that's when i have to take the light off for her.
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