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Thread: In need of a new light...

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    Default In need of a new light...

    Hello everyone! I've been browsing the forums for a while but just registered. I'm in need of some advice about buying a light. I bought an Expeditions 2-million candle power light from Big Lots a few years ago and until recently it has been fantastic. A very bright and long beam of light for just $15. The battery has just about stopped holding a charge and the light lasts for 1-2 minutes at best so I need a replacement. Sorry if I posted this in wrong forum but I wasn't sure where to post. I know it's not an HID light, or is it?

    Here is a photo of the light:

    Can I buy a replacement battery for it or should I just buy another light. And if so which one? I'd like one with at least 2 million CP but also be reasonably priced; no more than $100. As you can tell I don't know that much about these types of lights but any help and advice is much appreciated.


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    Default Re: In need of a new light...

    It would be better to buy a Sam's Club HID(Price ranges from $30 - $100). Much much brighter and with more throw. The 2 million CP is false. A true 2 mill CP light will blow any hand held thing you have seen, unless you have seen a Maxabeam or a similar light in action.

    You should also get a smaller light. One that is easier to carry.

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    Default Re: In need of a new light...

    here is an HID from Amondo Tech...A little more than you want, but a quality light you will be proud of...and will be more useful.

    You could also try one of these: a long throwing Led....and one of these:
    a strong incan light with a broad spill and a wide and powerful spill.

    Both of these use the same batteries (unprotected li ion 18650 batteries)

    Two lights...some batteries, and a charger for under $100...

    Have fun! And welcome to The Forum!
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    Default Re: In need of a new light...

    Welcome to the forum,

    Personally, I use maglite 4c cells with led for camping. But I have secondary flashlights I carry which is powerful, WiseLED Tatical P4 which give out 1500 lumens. But most of the time my personal experience something like 130 lumens is enough to go out in the dark night.

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