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Thread: Uh-oh. Small spy problem

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    Default Uh-oh. Small spy problem

    And its all my fault..

    The head on one of my spys was loose, so I decided to take it off and look around inside. Now I can't get it to screw all the way back on. It appears that the heat sink has a couple flats that key onto tabs in the body, but I can't get it to stay in place. It moves as I screw down the head. And if its not on that key, it doesnt sit low enough to get the head back on all the way. Anybody know how I can get past this? Help!!
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    Sorry it came loose.

    Start watching at 6:15

    If you are doing a Cree or Seoul you can not use the chop stick. In its place you have to use a straw or something that will not touch the clear dome of the LED.

    Your other option is to send it to me.


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    Default Re: Uh-oh. Small spy problem

    But to do whats in the video, I'd have to unscrew the bezel, and take out the lens and reflector. DOH!! Too easy.

    I actually got it back together... getting the flats on the heat sink to stay put mostly by luck after several tries. I probably had my fingers all over the clear dome of the led though. Showing my ignorance here, but whats the issue with not touching the dome. Is that just because the chopstick might scratch it, or should the dome not be touched, kind of like not touching a SF or halogen lamp? Is there anything I should do to clean the dome at this point? It was a Seoul emitter, btw.

    Thanks for the video link and all the tips in any case.

    .: I spent most of my money on women and toys. The rest I just wasted :.

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    There is no problem touching a Seoul lightly. They are easy to clean with a wet finger. All the dust will wipe right off and stick to your finger. Do not wipe them with any kind of cloth, that will not work. This silicon dome is durable and can not be scratched but if you try you can pull it off with your fingers.

    Never touch a Cree's glass dome. They are set in soft silicon goo and are quite easy to pull right off the metal ring. Once off they can not be fixed. Again you can clean them the same way as the Seoul but with extra care not to push on them with any more force than is needed to wipe away the dust. This Glass dome can not easily be scratched.

    The Luxeon III plastic dome is very durable and can be man handled. But careful not to touch it with something ruff as it can be easily scratched.


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