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Thread: Suggestion for Bulk Purchase

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    Help Suggestion for Bulk Purchase

    My work is looking at getting their logo engraved on a flashlight for handing out at conferences. The problem is that the logo places have garbage lights.

    So, my question: What would be a decent light for around $2 that could be purchased in lots of about 100? I'm sure it would be cheaper with more, but they are cheap (hence the $2 price range). I would prefer an LED (for longer battery life) and would really like it to be a AAA or AA light. The common battery size would help ensure that it continues to get used once the first battery dies.

    Is this possible? I have looked at: (no mention of battery size)

    Thanks in advance for your help
    Red Dragon

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    Default Re: Suggestion for Bulk Purchase

    These are a good copy of a $12 Photon II light. They offer logo printing, as can be seen further down the page. They are surprisingly bright for their size, and in my opinion, are probably one of the best coin cell squeeze lights.

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    Default Re: Suggestion for Bulk Purchase

    Thanks Marduke. It does look good. I'll pass it on

    I guess I was hoping for a miracle, with the AA, AAA thing.

    Red Dragon

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    Default Re: Suggestion for Bulk Purchase

    Look at . They have a few nice deals.

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    Default Re: Suggestion for Bulk Purchase
    There is a volume rate price of about 87 cents a piece, at quantities of 50+.

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