Hey folks! I have a 1992 Honda Accord that the headlights leave something to be desired, especially the low beams. (9006 type) I think the last time I replaced them I just threw in the cheap Napa generics. I've been reading up on some options, and am wondering if anyone has any input.

Out of standard 9006 bulbs, it seems like a couple types are the most popular. Sylvania Silverstars have a lot of followers, but I don't like the idea of the blue tint. GE NightHawks had a couple of good recommendations. One poster on a different forum noted that the Nighthawks were the only bulbs that Consumer Reports recommended as significantly better.

Another option I'm considering is modifying the 9005 high beam bulbs and putting them in place of the low beams. The 9005s run at 65 watts emitting ~ 1700 lumens compared to the 9006s using 55 watts and emitting ~ 1000 lumens. I found the mod here. Pretty attractive and easy.

However, I'm guessing this mod is probably not legal. It sounds like most people that do it have great results and doesn't seem to bother many people. A couple forum posters warned that it could be dangerous and cause extra glare.

A couple questions...has anyone tried doing this? Would running the 65w lamps in place of the 55w lamps cause any circuit problems? Would I run the risk of getting pulled over or endangering other drivers?

Thanks for any input. I've learned a lot from this forum. I'll try to take before and after pictures once I've decided on a solution.