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Thread: L1 Cree beam quality

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    Default L1 Cree beam quality

    I just picked up a Cree L1 yesterday, and I already own two ML-1 builds with different beam characteristics. I must say, I was less than impressed with the quality of the Cree L1 beam. There is a SIGNIFICANT dark ring that surrounds the hotspot, and many deformities that give the beam an overall 'rough and textured' look. Is this typical of the new Cree head, or do I have a dud? I only ask because I've read nothing but good stuff about it, and I didn't know if the issue was not a widespread one.

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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

    Hi Josh.
    The beauty of that beam on a white wall leaves to be desired. Some rings, some irregularities ... somelights more and some less I guess, but as it is so hard to capture on photos, this is difficult to tell.

    However ... go and use this light outside. The beam is a miracle. Perfect ground coverage in medium distances, good reach and brightness, perfect field of vision. It rivals my U2.
    This optic is one hell of a performer when usefulness is concerned. I am very very impressed with it. Just not on a white wall.

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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

    I agree with Bernie. Additionally, the level of the diffusing film varies from L1 to L1. It's not an artifact-free beam, but it works pretty well for me. However, if you have a beamshot, we can tell if it's normal or not.
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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

    Couldn't agree more with Bernie and Valpo on the points made. And like
    Valpo, my L1's all have slightly different diffusion on the lens.

    IMO there are (3) types of beams.

    #1 - PLAY BEAM - Good to play with and that's qbout it.

    #2 - USER BEAM - Not good on walls but kicks ass out in the world.

    #3 - USELESS BEAM - Well this one is pretty much self explanatory!

    The L1-cree has an amazing "user beam" as Bernie pointed out. Give it a
    few runs out there and you'll be impressed.

    Great light. Enjoy.

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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

    I had the same reaction with my E2L when I got it! I tought it was a bad one but after I playing much with it inside and outside, I stopped to see the imperfections. This is a great light! After getting the L1 that has the same exact beam, I knew it's the way it is supposed to be!

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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

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    Default Re: L1 Cree beam quality

    Yup, the L1 has a perfect beam for real world, all round use. I had a bit of the same reaction when I first saw the beam from my Kroma. But that too works extremely well.
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