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Thread: what differants will 300ma make

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    Default what differants will 300ma make

    hi all
    i currently run 8x 2500mah AA to power 2x p4 @350 A. would there be much differants if i used 8x2800 AA?
    cheers thwang

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    Default Re: what differants will 300ma make

    2800/2500=1.12 times capacity

    Marginally longer runtime (assuming the ratings are actually accurate).


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    Default Re: what differants will 300ma make

    Depending on the quality (or accurate capcity reporting) of the cells, the "higher capacity" ones may give you LESS runtime. I've seen this too many times for it to be a fluke. I'll pay more for "lower-but-accurate" capacity high-quality cells than cheaper "not-really-higher-capacity-but-they-say-so" cells of dubious origin. If all else is equal, ten the higher capacity units will give you a few more minutes of runtime as has already been stated...
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    Default Re: what differants will 300ma make

    i think you meant 350mA?

    anyway, 300mAh might give a increase in runtime.

    but, it is the newer method of manufacturing that matters.
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