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Thread: coleman florescent lantern output?

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    Default coleman florescent lantern output?

    I've got an 8D Coleman florescent lantern. It is the one that looks rather like a white gas style one with a red top and the place where the fill port would be is a yellow nightlight. It has a high and a low setting and I believe it uses a 15 watt ccfl bulb. I don't really notice much output difference between high and low. I do know that it has lasted two camping trips, running several hours each of two nights now, on the same set of batteries (running on low since, as I said, I really don't see much output difference).

    Anyways, does anybody know what the actual light output of this lantern is and what sort of reasonable runtime I should expect from it using 8 D cell alkalines (and would NiMH Ds give me any better runtime)?

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    Default Re: coleman florescent lantern output?


    About 30 hours on Low and 18 on High. it is about 400 lumens.

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    Default Re: coleman florescent lantern output?

    Blacklight, I just bought a Coleman Micropacker lantern with a Cree LED. Looks slick. Bought it for a gift, so can't really unpack and test it. The packaging says 65 lumens for 8 hours, or 13 hours on low.

    Can you tell me what the lumen output is on low?

    Is it a fully regulated light? (suspicious because it runs on 3 AA's)

    My Zebralight SC52w LML2 is the best thing I have ever put in my pocket.

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