I have a CREE on a base and I am wondering about modifying either my streamlight TL-2 or my Inova T3.
The streamlight takes 2 batteries so i guess i could just swap one for one, but the inova takes 3 batteries. In that case does it mean the current is regulated? Otherwise it would be putting 10 volts through right? 3.7x3
Is there a way to measure how much power the LED is getting? Just use a multimeter to the contacts maybe? If the inova is regulated then will the regulation be just fine to switch over to a CREE led or would i need to modify that too?
When it comes to swapping bulbs and stuff thats not too hard but when things become regulated and I gotta calculate electrical factors I get lost.
Heck if i wanted to build my own i would be completely lost about power to the LED. Im not sure how to fid out what an LED is rated up to either.