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Thread: krill lamps

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    Default krill lamps

    i just got the 2 kirll lamps the 2aaa white lampe & the 2aa white extreme lamp but there not that bright, is that because it is not the green version???
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    Actually they were never that bright to begin with. While they were a cool little gadget when they came out, they were always over hyped when it came to brightness.
    The green will appear to be a bit brighter, but not that much.
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    It's the technology they use, the EL light. They just aren't all that bright. But they do have a decent runtime and can wrap around the battery tube to provide a good approximation of a light stick that runs on batteries and isn't any bigger than the batteries that power it. I actually like them for night light type applications, but you're right, they aren't really a replacement for a lantern.


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