Hello guys, I could use y'alls expertise on something. Here's the deal...

I have a good friend who is a truck driver. He just started hauling gasoline and other highly flammable/explosive, liquids/materials, and he needs a good flashlight that won't get him blown up.

He knows nothing about flashlights and I am a relative newbie when it comes to the latest and greatest light sources as well, but I would like to buy him a decent light for general purpose use when he is out on the road.

He has told me that he does not want a tiny little light that fits in the palm of your hand, because for one thing it would be too easy to lose, and for another, he just doesn't want something that is really small. I think it goes without saying that the light needs to be rugged and at least water resistant/drop resistant.

He also doesn't need a gigantic 3lb spotlight either. Basically he needs something that it is easy enough to carry around and check out things on the trailer and rig at night, and also contents of tanks. The light still needs to be small enough for the light head to be able to fit into places like tank openings, in and around axle assemblies and what not. It might also be a bonus if there was a light that met all of the above criteria and could also be sat down on the ground or trailer by way of some type of bracket so that it could be used hands free.

As far as the beam is concerned, maybe an equal balance of throw and flood, I really do not know what would be best. Brightness is always a plus, but runtime is more important to this individual as is use of easy to find inexpensive batteries.

I realize that I haven't given a lot of information to help with selection guys, but I have no idea where to even begin. I sure could use some help and any assistance offered will be greatly appreciated.

The main thing here is that the light will be used around highly flammable and explosive materials so it needs to be rated for that environment. I just don't want to see my good friend get hurt or killed becuase of a cheap flashlight he bought at Wal-Mart, so I want to get him "the right tool for the job" so to speak.

Thanks Guys!