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Thread: Custom GITD stickers

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    Default Custom GITD stickers

    Here are a couple of pictures of some custom made GITD stickers I had made for my helmet mounted bike light.

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    Default Re: Custom GITD stickers

    If you dont mind sharing, how did you make them. Also, please consider putting the pics on Glow Forum as well.

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    Default Re: Custom GITD stickers

    Hey Danny,
    These were made by someone I actually found on the Glow Forum. There is a listing in the Sign Making forum by Spacehead advertising he can make GITD stickers. I emailed him with my needs, worked thru a couple of minor details thru email and recieved stickers very promptly. Spacehead was very easy and professional to deal with and delivered a quality product. I will definatley be ordering some more stuff from him.

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    Wink2 Re: Custom GITD stickers

    Its looks simple but attractive, and your helmet looks good after pasting this sticker on it , well I got many custom stickers from one of my friend who is dealing the printing services, i used stickers at motorbike which makes more attractive to the people when they saw stickers at my motorbike
    Look at my Kawasaki Ninja with full of stickers

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