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Thread: Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

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    Default Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

    I just picked up one of Costco's packs that contains eneloops (8 AAs. 4 AAAs), C & D adapters and a charger (sliding cover type #NC-MQN05)

    Now $27.xx

    All the cells read 1.316 +/- .001 volts except one of the AAs that read 1.283 volts.

    Just curious. 11 cells were remarkably similar while the 12th was quite different.

    What is the significance of variation in the as-received voltage (indicator of leakage?).

    What can you expect of a cell like the 12th cell with regard to future performance after X cycles?

    Is as-received voltage a good "acceptance" test for eneloops?

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    Default Re: Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

    I'd definitely mark that cell just to track it and see how it performs. If you have a C9000 you could run discharge on 4 cells including that one to see what capacity is left. It might not self-discharge as slowly as the other ones resulting in the voltage difference. Then charge it back up and see if there is still a voltage difference.

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    Default Re: Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

    Quote Originally Posted by jwcrim View Post
    Is as-received voltage a good "acceptance" test for eneloops?
    could be, if it was from the same exact batch and everything , but suffered damage, or was at the end of a "run" of the batch, or is not up to par. like say the package got smacked good, or some QC guy had a bad monday :-)

    or it could be just packaged from a different batch or machine or process.
    ("ethel we need one more battery here to ship this sucker")

    only one way to tell. for my money its the one to "watch out for" and i would make assumptions that the others would make a better Team or set. but you couldnt be SURE till it actually acts different.

    all of mine acted in similarity, the "batches" of purchaces were all similar in charge states, when compared to that single batch purchaced, but NOT to the next batch purchaced, which acted more like they were on the store shelf longer. so each groups of purchaces they acted similar, enough to figure they all were from the same manufactured date or process, and didnt get nuked anywhere yet.
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    Default Re: Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

    I have marked the cell.

    I have a "Titanium TG2800 Smart Quick Charger" that has a discharge-charge cycle feature. The cycle is supposed to take about 10 hours with a 2000 mah NiMH AA cell. But it's 18 months old so I'm not sure how optimal it is with eneloops.

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    Default Re: Voltage Variation - Eneloop "Power Pack" fm Costco

    I bought two of the Costco Sanyo packs and both have the Q5 charger. I'm assuming packs with the Q5 charger are older, hence sat on the shelf longer. All the batts read 1.28-1.29V. Your "low" batt could be a minor glitch as Sanyo made many 1,000's and variations would occur during manuf. no matter how good their quality control procedure. Charging your low batt will likely result in a batt with the same charge as the others. Good idea to mark this batt and then pair up with others in the same device to see how it performs. My $0.02 worth.

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