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Thread: 2x CR2032 housing

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    Default 2x CR2032 housing

    I need to make a light product on a collar and planned on using 2x CR2032 batts here, along with a microcontroller. Well, I can probably pot the controller PCB. Now originally I had used a Photon microlight with 2x CR2016 as the batt housing. Very tough, not any bigger than it needs to be, moderately waterproof, easy access to change the batts. Little elastic band holds that thing on the nylon webbing, worked fine, but I need the greater batt capacity of the 2032.

    Is there something comparable I could get to use as a batt case? Preferrably from KaiDomain/DealExtreme? Since 1x 2032 fits in a 2x 2016 space, I could just use two of these but the size isn't gonna be very manageable. To be clear, I know I can probably get a dual 2032 holder from Digikey or anywhere, I need a whole sealed case.

    Did anyone ever make a flashlight like the Photon Microlight with 2x 2032? Heck, I'd want one of those just to have one, the microlights' 2016 batts run down a bit too fast for me and the 2032's aren't really much more expensive.
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