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Thread: 2000lumen+ LED reverse lights.. *Output Pics* MMMmm...

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    Default 2000lumen+ LED reverse lights.. *Output Pics* MMMmm...

    Yes you read correctly.. I'm that ridiculous.

    I've been working on my full custom LED tail light retro for quite some time now.. I'll post up the other stuff soon too.. all micro controlled with PWM dimming for marker/brake functions and 8 channel sequential turn signals with adjustable fade in and fade out...

    The reverse lights will be PWM dimmed for parallel parking and such around town.. but if I'm backing down a dark driveway.. well.. it won't be dark!

    I can also strobe these babies for fun.. or for those pesky tail-gaters... heheh.

    I used 100mA 5chip superflux style LEDs.

    Over 100 degree radiation.. so it's just a huge flood.. these guys have no problem lighting up my whole back yard.

    So I ran out of the solder i had.. it was lead solder.. worked great.. I ran out to canadian tire and bought some bernz-o-matic lead free electircal solder.. all they had.. I did the board pictured in the back with this new stuff.. man.. what a waste of money that was. Such a huge pain to solder up that second board.. the lead free solder takes so much more heat to melt.. more than I liked to use on the LEDs.. and then it doesn't flow very well either.. and solidifies so quickly.. but then somehow stays very hot.... the properties of lead solder seem much more desirable to me.. I won't buy this crap again.. although it may just be junk solder.. maybe you can get good lead free solder.. but I won't be chancing it again.. I'm going to buy a nice spool of lead and screw this stuff....

    I fit 38 LEDs per side... at a conservative 75lm/w I get 1000lumen per side..(3.5Vf x 100mA x 38 = 13.3w per side) pretty bad ass seeing how 1 50w halogen headlight is about 1000lumen.. from the bulb.. not taking into account all the optical loss of reflection and refraction.. something the LEDs don't have to deal with... so until I get around to doing an OEM HID retro.. my LED reverse lights will be brighter than my headlights

    Kinda pointing a little towards the ground, but it was hard to position them properly.. and it was raining a bit so I didn't want to screw around forever.. you get the point though... they're F'n BRIGHT!

    Without further ado...

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