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Thread: Bought M@g-lites to mod, made me laugh..

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    Default Bought M@g-lites to mod, made me laugh..

    I bought my first m@g-lites in years the other day, a 2D and a mini... I plan on modding both of them, I know what I am going to do with the 2D, I am not sure what to do with the mini yet.
    When I put batteries in them and turned them on I laughed, we used to think these were such great flashlights?!?! I could not believe how for technology has come in such a short time... I work with computers and servos everyday.. I do know how fast technology moves, but I had forgotten how dim these light really are... I was talking to my brother Christmas day, he is still using a stock m@g mini and loves how bright it is... he is as much of a techie as I am... I think I need to mod the mini and give it to him, turn him into flashaholic like me!!!!!

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    Default Re: Bought M@g-lites to mod, made me laugh..

    The Aurora Mod is amazing, probably about 250 lumens of incandescent light, I think, it may be much less, but for what it is it's amazing.
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