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Thread: How to take some beamshots??

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    Default How to take some beamshots??

    Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to take pictures of beamshots? I'll be using a Lumix digital camera.

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    Default Re: How to take some beamshots??

    Generally... Indoor: Use a tripod- set the camera on manual settings if possible- and experiment until you get a satisfactory result. Usually one half to one second will give a good result- vary the shutter f stop until you're satisfied.
    Outdoor: probably use a time of 2 to 8 seconds. A lot depends on how powerful a light you're shooting- and the distance. Shots into trees soak up a lot of light. A shot into a white barn gives a good reflection.

    Digitals are great...shoot a ton of shots until it works!
    Good luck.
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    Default Re: How to take some beamshots??

    Here is a detailed writeup from KevinL.
    Tips for taking beamshots

    More info

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: How to take some beamshots??

    Thanks for the link, nekomane. I've tried before with poor results. Maybe with this help there's a chance.

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