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Thread: Any CREE headlamps

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    Default Any CREE headlamps

    Anyone found any CREE headlamps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LedOrDie View Post
    Anyone found any CREE headlamps?

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    Default Re: Any CREE headlamps

    LedOrDie: as the title suggests, this thread should have been posted in the 'Headlamps' section. I'm moving it there now.
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    Default Re: Any CREE headlamps

    This may be more than what you want and they ain't cheap, but they'll light up the moon.


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    Default Re: Any CREE headlamps

    I have my eye on http://www.bikelights.com/Products/Stella180N.htm Though no reply yet to my enquiry. Also would need to figure out a mount on regular hat.

    Looks like it has some optic for throw, and wastes less light, spilling off to side of the vision, than the foxfury. Also the run time looks promising, based on the watt hour of pack verses use we know to occur with the q5's--I'd prefer not four 3 watt. 10 hours of light or the garbage can, I say.

    Still, Stella doesn't state they are using q5's, we seem to count ourselves luck to get stated maker. Also, I fear over $70-$100 USD for a light, may be beyond rational sanity, in relation to improvement over one or two $30 current generation light rigs and expected lifespan in a real environment.

    Question, Is xre lamp q5? Anyone know how many lumens the foxfury can throw for 10 hours straight on 750 rcr 123's?
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