There have been a ton of these for sale on eBay recently for less than $40. I have heard S&W lights to have a weak rep, but it mostly seemed to be their CR123 based lights. I bought one on a lark and received it yesterday. Maybe as a $120 light it would have had some trouble, but as a $40 light, it seems great to me. The beam is narrow, but throws well. The bulbs are fixed in the reflectors and the focus is sharp. Seems well made. Since the battery pack is also the body, you can buy a spare battery and a spare head and have a second flashlight to share the charger base with for a cost of about $22. Since the batteries, bulbs, and heads are all very proprietary, spare parts would need to be bought now. Can anyone tell me how long a spare NiMH battery pack can be stored? Should I keep the spares charged? Any info on this particular S&W light other than the usual brand bash? So far, I like it. - Lee