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Thread: POWs

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    Default POWs

    It pisses me off that our POWs are being charaded around TV individually, like some prized animal capture, while here, we're setting some of their supposed soldiers free (to go home), and keeping their POWs in camps and NOT sticking videos of their pictures across TV.

    It's sickening that this psy-ops war had to include degrading people to the point they're not even humans anymore. It's really a shame we are more concerned about avoiding civilian casualties and noncombatants as much as we are about the safety of our soldiers.

    I can understand giving an impression of us not wanting to fight Iraqi soldiers who have given up and gone home, but the coalition generals ought to have known that they're walking into sabotage if they let these conscripts, who have nothing to lose, go free, only to pick up another AK and stir things up again.

    The other thing that irks me on this POW charading is that we value our men and women in war, whereas Hussein could care less of his own soldiers. It works against us if we're shown our servicewo/men bloodied and broken, and at the same time, no matter what we show to the world how many Iraqi POWs we capture, it makes no difference to him.

    Playing the nice guy in war is fine and dandy, but it's only going to hurt us on the battlefield.

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    Default Re: POWs

    i know...we do everything possible to be "humane"--like teaching them how to surrender, and even allowing them to surrender. and we take care of the prisoners quite well. they probably have never had it so good.

    what kills me, is that if even a rumor starts about an american doing something wrong, people will scream about how terrible the US is. funny, im not hearing the rage that should be against Saddam.

    we are trying very hard to spare civilians and infrastructure, possibly to the point of sacrificing some of our own people.

    i will admit: though i am confident in our military, i am also nervous. the tactics seem strange. perhaps they should turn up the heat?

    ah, but what do i know? only what the media tells me.


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