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    SHOT Show in Vegas this year was an absolute blast. It was great to see and spend time with many of the friends that I have been fortunate enough to meet over the past few years, and doing that in the middle of a giant gun and knife show in a city that never sleeps made it even more exciting.

    On Friday, the evening before the actual show began, a group of knifemakers and collectors gathered at Matt Cucchiara's hotel and had a mini show of sorts. The gathering was a lot of fun, and everyone in attendance had the opportunity to handle some seriously impressive knives. That night, I had the opportunity to pick up some nice new toys, too.

    JL Williams Slim Crux Lite flipper - This one is really sleek and feels great in the hand. The flip action is as good as it gets, and the piece carries really well. It has spent a lot of time in my pocket since I got my hands on it.

    Charles Marlowe SOF-A4 - My first ever A4 folder, this one is typical Marlowe perfection. I really like the rich color of the stag jigged bone scales, and the raised and grooved G-10 backspacer is great!

    Gerry McGinnis Schism flipper prototype - Gerry's newest model flips flawlessly and looks great in Norris stainless damascus. I'm definitely happy with this one!

    John Wylie Kiridashi - A very nicely done piece that will be great around the house. I don't see too many makers put handle scales on these, but I really like the way John did it on this one.

    Emerson Horseman Mini CQC-8 prototype - The blade on this beauty is hand ground, and the liners are titanium instead of the standard stainless steel used in Emersons. I really like this one, it has all of the versatility of the CQC-8, arguably my favorite Emerson model, but in a more carry-friendly size.

    JL Williams Crux - An old school piece that already belonged to me, this Crux was one of the first Williams folders that I ever acquired, and the first custom knife that I ever carried on a regular basis. I sent it in to Lee for a refurb a while back, and he got it back to me looking better than ever at Vegas. This one is as smooth as can be.

    And last but certainly not least...

    Tim Galyean XL Junkyard Dawg flipper - This piece was a replacement for an older Junkyard Dawg I owned that had a problem with the lock up. Apparently, the lock was beyond repair, and Tim offered to replace the knife entirely when he discovered this. Considering how well this beauty turned out, I have no complaints whatsoever, and like all of Tim's work, this one flips amazingly.

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    Those are some sweet knives and pics.

    Thanks for posting those.
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    Awesome! We have similar tastes ... I don't buy liner locks, but if I did, I could have ended up with the same knives as you. Really nice looking stuff!

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    Default Re: SHOT 2008 scores...

    wow, sweet scores! VERY nice, thansk for sharing those good pics too! knife eye candy, lol...

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    Trees don't grow on money either.

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