I should have just asked here first!

I am in need of 2 50watt 4300k or 5000k hid kits for a project I'm working on.

I have done some searching and have only come up with large plastic incased ballasts,I was hoping there where some out there that where slim and housed in metal so I can sink it to the case to help in cooling but I'm having no luck.

I'm planning on installing 1 in a Power On Board light.And If I can make it fit I would also like to place one in the G&P scorpion 35w.(Yes I did research this light and pulled the trigger anyway what can I say it looks sweet!) And there is a little room to play with in there so it might fit.

I just cant find any specs on the avg size of a 50watt ballast.

So if any of you have a link or a sugestion please chime in here.

Thanks KAB