Hello Handlobraesing,

OK, we are making progress here...

So far your crap cells have 0 mAh capacity after a normal charge and a 500 mA discharge, and 0 mAh capacity after a 0.1C charge and 0.2C discharge.

Yet you claim that under a 250 mA constant load they work fine.

It's time to put them in a direct drive light, turn it on and let it run for around 4 hours. Hopefully you have a single cell light. If you need to run a pair of cells, you will have to watch it to make sure you don't ruin your crap cells further by reverse charging.

At the end of this, you will need to jump start the cells to get them to have enough voltage to start the C9000. Once you get the voltage of the cell up to where the C9000 recognizes it, you can run another charge/discharge and see if you get past 0 mAh.