Occasionally, one gets to make a light without much direction from the customer, other than, "Hey, I've got a piece of Ti, can you make a light out of it?"

Well, yes, we can make a small light out of it, so we swapped some nice Starrett tools from the customer, along with his piece of Ti, in exchange for this:

It's a RCR123 light, with a NG750 converter, Khatod smooth 17mm reflector, 2mm thick mineral lens, and O-rings.

A little consultation with the customer revealed that he was willing to forego any lanyard attachment device, so I make a concave indentation in the tail. Just had to use this technique somewhere.

The finish is matte due to polishing the surface down to 8 micron with silicon carbide sandpaper. It is the last step before polishing, so the customer can keep it as is, or very easily polish it himself.

We'll see how lazy/ambitious he is, should he decide to post here later.