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Thread: Element K2

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    Default Element K2

    I searched but couldn't find much on this light...

    Sam's Club sells these 2 for $28. Any reviews or information on these lights?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Element K2

    Looks very similar to this 3AAA Dorcy...

    FWIW.. There are a few Element branded Dorcy look-alikes that probably originate from the same fabricator in China.

    IMHO 3AAA direct-drive lights should be avoided unless you use eneloops or can mod them for a 18650 rechargeable. AAA alkalines discharge too aggressively from their initial blaze for use in a direct drive. Still though with good NiMH cells that light should emit about 70-100L throughout the charge and it has a very good reflector that reflects a nice tight beam.

    I have the older version dorcy, with an aspheric and its very soft aluminum. I dropped it once from about waist high and it dented the bezel. Not just a cosmetic ding mind you, it actually smashed the bezel with an ob-round flat spot. It doesn't affect the optical performance though.

    If you can get it in store I say got for it. $15 each, in store availability, 70-100L, tight hot-spot, hard to beat that. just don't drop the thing
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