Just got it today, thanks for everyone's help and advice! ;-)


I see it claims to have 6 modes?
"Two modes (6 types) of output, generation/turbo selected by turning the bezel"

If I tighten the top all the way, it gets VERY bright, loosen it a bit and it returns to normal brightness. I'm missing how to enable the other modes?

Okay, wait, when I top the button while the light is already on, it seems to cycle between a couple brightness levels and a strobe. Does that sound right?

Does the light's setting reset to its default setting once turned off? For example ... if I enable strobe, then turn the light off and back on, should the strobe come back on automatically. It doesn't seem to, which seems like a reasonable behavior?

And now the most pedestrian and embarrassing question. How should I attach the little lanyard? I normally see one hole in a light's case to thread a lanyard through, but the tail cap has two adjacent holes?

In all though, I love it, thanks in advance! ;-)