Hey folks, I picked up an air rifle at wally world, it's a Beeman 1073 (it's got barrels for .177 and .22 calibers). I've never owned a decent air rifle before and have no idea how to care for it. Also, I heard this is supposed to have an (unadvertised) adjustable trigger. I'd love to adjust it to a lighter pull. I plan on mostly target shooting, however we have a BAD rodent and rabbit problem (happens when all the coyotes are chased away dangit) and that's leading to a rattlesnake problem. It's open season on yard pests at my house right now as far as I'm concerned (not songbirds, not lizards, just PESTS). Any constructive advice would be wonderful! Also I'd like to know if anyone is familiar with these things? Especially these Beeman models. It's very hefty with a solid wood stock, and still has more kick than I'd have expected from an air rifle.