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Thread: Gerber Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
    Has anybody tried one of these? I have not, but I think they look cool. It looks a little like an Atwood.

    Gerber 22-41770 Artifact Pocket Keychain Tool

    i think I got one of these on clearence at Target. I keep it in my car. It is a pretty cool little gadget for the price I payed. ($10). The blade rusted up on me quickly, but the screw driver wire stripper and other devices work perfectly. Would have been really neat if it came with a lanyard to wear around the neck.
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    For those who don't require a small folding scalpel, the Gerber Shard is better. If you don't need a bottle-opener on your small prybar, one of the ones from County Comm is even better still.
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