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Thread: Husky 3.0 Million CP Ultra Spotlight...

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    Wink2 Husky 3.0 Million CP Ultra Spotlight...

    Hey guys... I thought I'd share my new baby with you. I purchased this off Ebay recently, and it was dead on arrival due to a 100% discharged battery. It has a production date of 5/07, and I'm guessing the battery died after sitting for a year. Luckily I had a donor nearby, and began surgery immediately! Installed a fresh 6V battery she was alive again, and better than ever... This is my absolute favorite spotlight, and it emblazes anything it hits!

    It has a dimmer which allows you to set the brightness of the beam, 3 Charge status lights directly above the dimmer that go from RED to YELLOW to GREEN, and a nice bright 3 LED rechargeable mini light that sits on the top. I like this much better than my previous Husky 2.25 Million CP. It's also whiter and brighter...........

    I have uploaded some pictures of it for the members........


    Reflector Shot

    Front Top Shot

    Side dimmer & 3 Charge Status Lights Above

    Mini Rechargeable 3 LED Light

    Mini 3 LED Attached Turned On

    Mini 3 LED Detached Turned On

    Mini 3 LED Charger

    Beam Shot Burning Hole Through My Door...LOL!

    Hope you guys enjoyed my post, and last time I checked there were 3 available at this Ebay link for those who would like one. They have been 100% discontinued by the maker, and are pretty rare now. If you are willing to install a new 6V battery, you'll have a beauty of a spotlight....... I plan on taking mine to the beach this weekend!!!!

    I payed $29.99, but they just went on sale for $19.99!
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    Default Re: Husky 3.0 Million CP Ultra Spotlight...

    Thanks for the great pictures of your super powerful spotlight!

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