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Thread: Black 3x16760 Mini-HID *Sold*

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    Default Black 3x16760 Mini-HID *Sold*

    I have one left from the last run that is available.

    -Solarc 10w Lamp and Ballast overdriven to 600+ Lumens
    -1 "D" Size Mag Host
    -FiveMega Premium 3x17670 Holder
    -UCL Ultra Clear Lens
    -Aluminum MOP reflector
    -Tri-Bored host
    -3amp Tailswitch

    This light is similar as pictures but has a small 2mm portion of smooth by the tailcap.

    Sale thread was here


    $325 Delivered (US)

    Thanks Mac
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    *Note* Shipping Insurance must be requested.

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    Default Re: Black 3x16760 Mini-HID

    email sent

    payment sent, thanks!
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    Default Re: Black 3x16760 Mini-HID *SPF*

    I'll back up please...
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    Default Re: Black 3x16760 Mini-HID *Sold*

    Got it today, thanks! Will put it to the test tonight at work!

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