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Thread: The SureFire A2 Thread Index

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    Default The SureFire A2 Thread Index

    This is thread should serve as an index of all the SF A2 Aviator related threads on CPF. The original thread was started by Bawko, but it seems he doesn't plan to return to CPF anytime soon and the old thread is getting outdated. I'll continue where he stopped.

    Please send any thread links related to the SF A2 Aviator and I'll keep updating this index. (the new links will be marked with "New")

    General A2 Aviator Information
    The Surefire A2 - More than a collection of numbers
    The SF A2 - Part 2 (Continuation of the above thread)
    A2: greenLED's comparison of LED colors
    Dim A2 Incandescent Mode
    A2 improvement or is mine just defective?
    Surefire A2 Owners - What's your bulb life?
    How shock-proof is the SF A2?
    Old Style A2 (Comparison of different A2 body styles)
    Poll: What A2 LED colors do you have?
    Surefire A2 Photo - A thing of beauty and wonder!
    A2 Aviator Pictures

    Surefire A2 Reviews
    The Surefire A2 - More than a collection of numbers (The ultimate A2 review)
    Surefire A2 Aviator review (Mr. Carrot's review)
    I BELIEVE - another Surefire A2 Aviator convert
    Surefire A2 - A pretty nice house inspection light
    The A2 Stinks. (Not-so-glowing A2 Review)
    Flashlightreviews.com Surefire A2 Review
    Outdoor Magazine's A2 Review (link no longer working, here is an archived version)
    Yet another A2 Review
    It's a disease, I tell you! A horrible disease!
    The A2 Aviator - Do I want one?
    Surefire A2 or L2? (Comparison)
    Surefire U2 or A2 Aviator? (Comparison)
    U2/Gladius/A2 for Hiking (Comparison)
    To A2 or not to A2????
    Why is the A2 so popular?
    A2 outdoor beamshots compared with other lights

    Surefire A2 Product/Sales Information
    Surefire's A2 Aviator Page (external link)
    Willie Hunt's incandescent regulators (The heart of the A2!) (external link)

    Rechargeable Batteries and the Surefire A2 Aviator
    Warning about overdriven LED's in the A2 (Rechargeable A2 Problems)
    Definitive A2 Protected R123 Thread
    Rechargeable A2?
    LiFePO4 and the A2 Aviator?

    Surefire A2 Technical and Modding Information
    Homemade Surefire A2 Aviator LED rings (2nd Run) NEW
    A2 Tune Up Thread (Customize your A2!)
    Dummy reference guide to SF A2 modding with MJ led (or 35k 5mm) leds
    A2 Starting Current Graph
    Surefire A2 findings
    Surefire A2 Runtime Data, for LED-only use, 3 different colors compared
    Surefire A2 Runtime Tests - Light Output runtimes of various batteries compared!
    A2 Lanyard Removal
    My Orange SureFire A2 Thread
    SF A2 Outdoor Comparison Beamshots - Stock A2 vs. LF HO-A2: Frosted & Unfrosted
    Fivemega's Strion conversion kit for Surefire A2
    Surefire A2 Aviator meets Seoul SSC P4 *This may offend Incandescent A2 enthusiasts*
    A2 dumb LED rings - (Onion Ring)
    The Great A2 Bulb Shimmer Debate
    A2 Regulation Cutoff

    Surefire A2 Aviator Accessories
    Horizontal Leather Holsters for the A2

    Aviatrix Mods for the Surefire A2 Aviator
    (only for historical reference - the Aviatrix project was never really finished)
    Announcing: The Aviatrix! Fantastic new modification for Surefire A2 Aviators!
    Aviatrix Update - All buyers and interested members please read!
    Aviatrix and Glowfob production schedule and updates
    Surefire A2 Add-on... Would you buy it? (Pre-Aviatrix Concept Thread)
    THE AVIATRIX (js's Aviatrix Review)
    Lips' Flashlight-Forums and CPF Aviatrix reviews!
    Luigi's Aviatrix Review on EDC Forums
    My Aviatrix has arrived! (Review)
    Aviatrix Output Measurements and Beamshots

    Last update: November 6, 2011
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