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Thread: Can You Believe this Site even Exists?!?!

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    Sick2 Can You Believe this Site even Exists?!?!

    Look at this site:

    Pretty sickening!

    You would think this site would be based outside the US...but it's owned by somebody in Georgia!

    *WARNING!!!... the above link contains subject matter and images that may be disturbing to some!!

    Added by Greta... this subject is one that disturbs me greatly and normally I would ask that it be taken to the Underground. However, I feel that the only way to stop this type of activity is through awareness. Please keep this thread civil and as G-rated as possible. This is a family forum. But this is also a very serious topic that needs attention drawn to it.

    I should have thought to post the warning myself...thanks for keeping this thread up Sasha.
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