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Thread: C rechargeables for Trail-camera?

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    Default C rechargeables for Trail-camera?

    I use a couple Trail-cams for scouting deer. They eat up alks at a rapid pace and cold weather does not help. Any rechargeable Cs out there that might work for me? My cams take 4 cells.

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    Default Re: C rechargeables for Trail-camera?

    What are trail cams? Are these something that may sit out for weeks or even months? If so, I can probably on recomend low self discharge cells like the accupowers:
    Or eneloop AA's in the included adapter, or in the adapters sold at DX or other places that allow you to run two cells apiece. So, 4,000 mAh's for 2 AA's or 5,000 for the C's.

    You may want to do a search for cold weather and batteries, I don't really know how much it will affect things.

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    Default Re: C rechargeables for Trail-camera?

    Thanks Vegas! I'm gonna give the Accupowers a shot. A trail-cam is a digital camera that you strap to a tree. It has a motion sensor and a flash. I leave mine out for weeks at a time before I check them. My guess would be that the flash is chowing through batteries at a rapid rate.

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    Default Re: C rechargeables for Trail-camera?

    I use Accupowers NiMH batteries in all of my trail cams with great success. Try them, I think that you'll like them and the money they save you. Don't try any Li-Ions as the voltage is higher than I suspect most cams can handle.
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