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Thread: Clip-on speaker for mp3 player?

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    Default Clip-on speaker for mp3 player?

    I walk in the evenings (quality flashlight time) and like to have music, but am not crazy about headphones for this; they block out the surrounding sounds of cars, etc. So - is there a decent quality little speaker that could be plugged into an mp3 player (or radio) and maybe clipped to clothing, like a jacket collar? I know DX etc has a ton of cheapie looking ipod speakers, but do you have any recommendations? I would think one quality speaker would be better than two tiny ones, but I would consider options.

    Truth is, I've been looking for a AM/FM/mp3 player combo with built in speaker for quite awhile. I've looked at the Zen Stone w/ speaker, but it seems awfully tiny. Anyone have one? Currently, I'm using the speaker on my cell phone to play mp3s in my shirt pocket. I've tried small pocket radios, but they can't have their antennas extended when carried like that.
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    Default Re: Clip-on speaker for mp3 player?

    Most of the DX type speakers are not good. Better than nothing, but not good. I haven't found any small ones that i like. That is one of the things I really like about my first gen iPhone. It's small stereo speakers work great for music without headphones. I would still like to find a decent set of small speakers for my ipods myself.

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    Default Re: Clip-on speaker for mp3 player?

    Have you looked at the X Mini line of speakers? Not really that small (non-clippable) speaker, but it isn't that big either. Maybe put it in your pocket or tie a lanyard on it or something. Here's a link on one of their latest offerings. Hope this helps.

    [URL=""]] Link

    Also, the Zen Mosaic has a little speaker and if I'm not mistaken it's a bit bigger than a Stone. I'm not sure though if they're still producing them.


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