Hi guys,
Okay, I've spent some time with a Nitecore DX GD as well as an SF 6pL.

I prefer the Nitecore's versatility--it is a fantastic product! The 6pl on the other hand, ooozes more quality--but is waaaay too bright and wide-focused for my needs. It'll be great for a walk in the pitch black mountains one day, though, or something like that.

And... even though I recommend both, I find both of them too short for my perfect light.

I know what I want in a light now:

1. narrow beam--or narrowER beam.
2. At least 3 levels of light. Preferably one that ramps high to low.
3. 100 lumens is more than enough, but more is okay at peak.
4. Around the SIZE of a MINI MAG. (important! too short, no good.)
5. Surefire quality level, but does not have to be SF.

That would do it for me.

(I still have the Ra Clicky 100 cn coming because it is so damn cool, but I can already tell, it will likely be too short for my 'perfect' light)

What would you advise for my Criteria--and just to make it the most fun--let's say I have no price limit. I might not spend the limit, but I'd like to hear the full list of lights you'd recommend.