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Thread: Looking for a 8AA to USB Phone Charger

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    Default Looking for a 8AA to USB Phone Charger

    Does an item like this exist?

    I wanted something that will hold 8-12AA batteries for my emergency kit that will charge my cell phone via USB output and allow me to use those AAs for other devices such as a flashlights/radios/etc if needed.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Looking for a 8AA to USB Phone Charger

    The Minty Boost is a 2 AA USB charger. I built a couple as an emergency cell phone battery/charger backup and iPod battery extender.

    The link as has list of tested devices.

    Some people are selling them built - google minty boost.

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    Default Re: Looking for a 8AA to USB Phone Charger

    Look around for the Duracell Mobile Charger. Here's a listing for it on amazon.com.

    I got one of these and it works as advertised. Aside from acting as a NiMH charger for up to 4 AA/AAA batteries, you can switch modes and have it charge a device using the AA batteries using a USB port on the charger. I was able to charge my phone using the device and 4 AA batteries, then when I got home used the same device to recharge the AA's I'd used.

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