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Thread: Switch stuck in ON position after leak

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    Default Switch stuck in ON position after leak

    Hello ~

    First time poster to this forum. Hope someone can offer suggestion to get my flashlight working properly again.

    I have an old 6D-cell flashlight - no mfg name. Apparently one of the batteries leaked inside the barrel and now, after cleaning up everything, I notice that whether I put the batteries in right side up or upside down, there is a constant connection and the light is always on, regardless of whether the switch is set to OFF, FLASH, or FLASH STEADY. When I move the switch back and forth on the outside of the barrel, there is no corresponding movement on the inside of the barrel and there should be, right? [See how new to this I am? ;-)]

    I have cleaned out the barrel with soap and water and have read about cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of the corrosion on the inside of the barrel, but will that also clean the contact strip which runs from the switch to the bulb sufficiently to make the switch work properly.

    As I said, the flashlight is an old one and I do hate to get rid of it if there is anything I can do to salvage it. Also, it is not a matter of asking the manufacturer of the batteries for a replacement for the flashlight since the batteries were not a premium brand and the flashlight is almost 'vintage' (from the 60's, I believe).

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Switch stuck in ON position after leak

    I would suggest dismantling the switch connections as much as you can, and use Deoxit ProGold to clean the contacts. If they are really corroded you might need to clean them with some 800 grit wet and dry sand paper to get off any really crusty corrosion. Ensuring all the other connections are nice and clean is important too.
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    Default Re: Switch stuck in ON position after leak

    Thanks, nzgunnie. I am concerned about dismantling the switch for fear of making it unusable. I don't have any Deoxit GoldPro but may look into getting some here in Quebec, if at all possible, but I am going to try letting the switch section of the barrel soak in isopropyl alcohol first. I have read of that being suggested in other posts, as well as baking soda. We'll see how that goes first.

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