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    Just ordered my first Peak today

    Robyn took my call, and patiently walked me through the process of selecting the options...

    Hard to believe that one can get a Brass Pacific Lux III High Power for $25. I know it's not the latest and greatest technology, but that's not the point . Something that works when you need to at night is!

    She's even trying to get me a smooth bodied battery tube as well...

    WTB: Brown / Braun / Bronze Mini Maglites. PM if you have one available.

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    Yes they are very nice and friendly people at Peak. I too ordered my first Peak last Friday after talking with Kurt. Ended up getting a Pacific HA UP in AA pocket body. Very nice people indeed.

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    I have a LuxIII Pacific and it is a great light - versatile and a nice beam.

    I'm thinking about another one during this sale....

    That or a Caribbean head to use on my McKinley natural HAIII body...
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