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Thread: Homemade battery tester??

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    Default Homemade battery tester??

    Hi guys,
    This has probably been discussed before but I'm not coming up with anything on a search. I'm wanting to test CR123 batteries but not wanting to buy a tester. I don't use tons of 123's and pretty much stick to single cell lights.

    I have meters, high-power/low-ohm resisters, etc. Is there an agreed upon quick test to judge the condition of the battery? I'm looking for maybe a chart or something that relates initial voltage across a known load to remaining battery capacity.

    For starters, I tested voltage and current from a some 3 year old CR123's with a 12v car tail light I had laying around. All batteries I had put out about 1.1 amps at 2.2 volts into the test lamp. I'd like to get more professional and use maybe a 3 ohm resistor or something in that range. I know I have a selection of them packed away somewhere. Thanks for any tips.
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