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Thread: i have the trition charger have charging questions

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    Default i have the trition charger have charging questions

    if i clamp several AAA or AA or cr123s into a tube with a contact either end, will each cell get the same attention? or does the triton see the series of cells as a single unit? if there was a bad cell in the tube, could the triton identify this and charge the other cells anyway?


    if i put my batteries in something like this


    and connect it to the triton charger will it charge the batteries?

    or any links to good threads about multiple battery charging

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    Default Re: i have the trition charger have charging questions

    NIMH and NICD batteries of the same chemistry and capacity and internal resistance and state of charge can be charged in series within the limits of the charger, you could clamp them together (like building a temporary pack) and provided your connections are solid it would work.

    CR123s are not rechargeable.

    Assuming you mean 3.7V LiCo or LiMn RCR123 cells, then yes, those can be charged in series as well provided again they are the same type of cells, size, capacity, and state of charge. The only difference here is that it is important to use balance taps if possible, especially if the cells are not perfectly matched as far as state of charge and capacity prior to charging...

    If you want to charge multiple li-ion cells with the charger, the smarter option (by far) would be to wire them in parallel rather than series, and that way it will look like one large 3.7V cell of bigger capacity and the charge will balance out across all of the cells (this same concept does not work with Nickel chemistry cells, don't try it).

    I don't know a ton about the triton, there have been various revisions of it over the years, make sure it has a standard li-ion cell setting with a charge termination of 4.20V.


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