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Thread: Maha C9000 - should I return it?

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    Question Maha C9000 - should I return it?

    I just received a Maha C9000 from Thomas Distributing and wondered what everyone thinks I should do about the charger I received. It seems to work fine, and the LCD itself isn't really "damaged", but there seems to be some weird permanent darkened areas on the display.

    Should I return it? I filled out their online help desk thingy and I'll see what happens, but I don't really want the hassle of paying for shipping and returning the unit if I don't have to. How common is this?

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    Default Re: Maha C9000 - should I return it?

    Hi iamstuffed,
    Return it!!! It is not common at all. You bought it from the best seller possible. Thomas will take care of you better than anyone else would!!! They will send you a new one super fast!! They did it with me. They also would probably do something about shipping it back also, but not 100 percent. Just don't be surprised if they do.
    Good Luck and in my mind the C9000 is the best charger on the market. I only have 4 of theses chargers and they all work great!!

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    Default Re: Maha C9000 - should I return it?

    Looks like the LCD seal wasn't done right. The liquid is missing near the edge of the glass, where it's filled and sealed (or not). This black region MIGHT grow into the rest of the display. Better to return it now.

    Accept a replacement. I have two and they are awesome. The first one was replaced for charging termination issues, they even paid postage for the return shipment

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    Default Re: Maha C9000 - should I return it?

    Thomas Distributing is going to send out a new one with a prepaid pick up tag! How great is that?

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    Default Re: Maha C9000 - should I return it?

    returns are always disappointing. It's nice when a company makes them at least somewhat convenient.

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